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Why should you choose in home pet care for your pets instead of boarding?

The benefits of leaving your pet in his own familiar environment as opposed to boarding are numerous. The fact that you are checking into an option other than boarding for your pet is a sign that you have experienced some of the concerns we also are aware of. The most important benefit of in home care is that your pet is comfortable and secure. In home care eliminates the stress you and your pet feel when you leave them in a boarding facility.

Pets placed in kennels often experience:

Small, cramped cages

Loud, continuous barking and other unfamiliar noises

Exposure to illness

The commotion of other upset pets and numerous employees

Only two to three brief periods of time outdoors

Loss of appetite

Not enough one on one attention

Extra overnight stays due to drop off and pick up times

Increased anxiety, which may carry over to home behavior

Benefits of in-home pet care with Dusk to Dawn:

Pets are relaxed in the comfort of their own home

A normal daily routine, with no increased stress

Thirty minutes (each visit) of one on one loving attention

Long walks and playtime outside

Favorite toys and chew treats

Special dietary needs or preferences

Access to your petsí caretaker

Daily log describing the events of the day

Daily brushing

Daily litter box care and changing as needed

Home checks

Mail, newspaper and packages will be taken in

Plant watering

Happier and healthier pets when you return home


Dawn Colbert, Owner/Manager

(319) 234-PETS or 319 234-7387


Please contact Dusk-to-Dawn for more information regarding scheduling and fees. We look forward to being of service to you and your pets!