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Frequently Asked Questions


1)  Iím not very comfortable with somebody I donít know coming into my home. How do I know they will not steal from me?

All our contractors are screened and references checked. They are also covered under my insurance policy and are bonded under Dusk to Dawn. I am also happy to provide you with each contractorís own individual references from previous clients.

2)  How much notice do you usually need to book a sitting?

Once we have done the initial interview and completed all our paperwork, we are usually good to go on fairly short notice. That doesnít mean advance notice is not appreciated, but we understand that life can throw you a curve ball every once in a while.

3)  Will it be the same sitter for each visit? Yes, we try to keep this as consistent as possible.

We like for your pet to get to know the sitter and feel comfortable with this person. However, we have been know to alternate sitters depending on their availability and the time of year.

4)  How long have you been in business?

I started my business in April of 1996.

5)  How many sitters work for Dusk to Dawn?

At this time there are seven sitters covering the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area, with an additional sitter covering Hudson.

6)  How many clients do you serve?

At this time, my data base has 450 names in it.

7)  How do you store our keys?

My office is in my home. I store the keys in locked key boxes in my office. They are coded with numbers to match the names in the database, so no names are attached to the keys.

8)  What if we donít feel comfortable having you keep the key to our home?

That is not a problem for us. If you feel more comfortable dropping the key off to me before you need visits, that is just fine. We also have clients just hide the key somewhere on their property and let us know where to locate it.

9)  Why do I need to call you when I return home?

We ask that you give us a call when you are home safe and sound so that we know your animals are taken care of. With weather related delays, etc., we just feel more comfortable knowing you are home to care for your pet. We will keep visiting until we know you are home, as a safety measure.

10)  In there an additional charge for more than one animal?

No, the fee of $20 pays for a thirty minute visit, regardless of how many animals there are. However, if thirty minutes is not enough time for us to do all that you have asked for, we will discuss this with you.

11)  Do you do mid day dog walks?




Dawn Colbert, Owner/Manager

(319) 234-PETS or 319 234-7387


Please contact Dusk-to-Dawn for more information regarding scheduling and fees. We look forward to being of service to you and your pets!