Professional Pet Sitting Service

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Our Pet Sitting Fees

Traditional Pet Sitting

The cost for one thirty minute visit is $22.00. You are paying for thirty minutes of attention and care for ALL of your pets. We do not charge additional fees for additional animals. This rate includes everything: love, attention, playtime, brushing, long walks, exercise, feeding, fresh water, and dispensing medications .

This fee also includes care for your home. You will not need to ask a neighbor to water plants, set out garbage or pick up your mail. It is our opinion that you will save money, and your pet will be much more content by choosing an experienced, professional pet sitting service to care for your pet while you are away.

Your original consultation visit (to acquaint us with you, your pets and their special needs) is provided at no charge. Additional consultation visits will be charged at $15 per visit.

Prices for daily visits outside the Cedar Valley will be adjusted according to the distance.

Compare to Kennel Pricing


Boarding fees for kitties ranges from $7.50-$22 per day, depending on the size of the cage. Some vets require an office visit first and an additional respiratory shot, which costs $12.00. Keep in mind, kitties are often boarded in close proximity to barking dogs. Cats are very independent, however they need love and attention too. My kitties appreciate the comfort of sleeping on their own beds , sitting in their favorite window sill, and smelling the familiar smells of their “parents”.



Boarding fees for dogs range from $9.50-$12.95 per day, which sounds like a pretty good deal until you think about the fact that your dogs are getting out of their cages only two times per day---not just getting a potty break, but even just the opportunity to stretch their legs. They are confined to a cage with the company of numerous barking dogs, who are just as stressed out as they are. We were told not to bring toys, as animals are “always nervous”. One of the boarding facilities even included a free flea bath. Now if you think about that, why does your dog need a flea bath? It has been our experience that even dogs who are confined to a smaller area such as the kitchen do far better at home than they would being kenneled.


Please think seriously about these options, as you plan the care of your furry family member.


Dawn Colbert, Owner/Manager

(319) 234-PETS or 319 234-7387


Please contact Dusk-to-Dawn for more information regarding scheduling and fees. We look forward to being of service to you and your pets!